/ the Trade License Registration Steps

Step 1] Consultation before Registration

We start with a 1-hour consultation, because from experience with registering 100s of Trade Licenses, we know that new clients usually have very many questions, such as: is the trade license is something for me, visa / residence permit questions, social / health insurance questions.

During this hour we also explain the requirements and different options of the Trade License registration package.

You will get more information than a week surfing the Internet!

(and on top of that we offer a: not happy with the consultation, we'll refund the money guarantee)

Step 2] Selecting Trade License types and Registering the Trade License

After we have received the Required Documents from you, and we have selected one or more tradelicenses, we will go ahead and make the actual Trade License Registeration application.

Step 3a] EU Citizens or 3rd-Country National WITH a valid visa / residence permit:

After 5 working days we will pick up the trade license, the so-called "výpis ze živnostenského rejstříku".
From that moment on, you will able to send invoices to your clients, and in the background we will continue registering you at the Tax Office, Social Security and Public Health Care, a process that may take several weeks to complete.

If you do not have an EU Residence Permit, See : Step 4a] Residence Permit for EU
Otherwise, Continue to: Step 5]

Step 3b] 3rd-Country Nationals / non-EU Citizens WITHOUT long-term D-Visa / residence permit:

After 5 workingdays we will pick up the Trade License, but it does not have an ICO number. With this paper you can apply for a Visa for Business purposes at a Czech embassy. If you have an other visa / residence permit for Czech Republic that remains valid, there is no need to apply again for a business visa. Discuss your options with our consultant, please.

After you received the Visa (this may take up to 3 months) we have to return to the Trade License Register to get the 'real' Trade License with the ICO number - before you have the ICO number, you are (officially) not allowed to trade.

If you do not have a Business Visa, See: Step 4b] Business Visa for non-EU
If you have a valid Visa already, Continue to: Step 5]

Step 5] Different requirements for EU Citizens and 3rd-Country Nationals!

After you get the trade license with ICO (which in case of Step 3b is after you get the visa) from the Trade License Register, you are able to trade, but you are still not registered completely in the Czech system. To follow are the tax office, the social security and health insurance.

The registration at Tax / Social / Health is actually more complicated than the Trade License registration itself, because those systems are not united and require separate registrations for each(!). It involves more steps, more documents than the Trade License registration. Therefore, we do not send in the documents but visit every office personally to make sure the registration is done correctly - it also has the benefit we get the proof of registration usually on the spot, instead of waiting for it for weeks before it gets sent by mail.

EU Citizens, US citizens and 3rd-Country National with CZ Employment or Residence Permit:

  • We will register you at the Tax Office, Social Security, Public Health Care

For 3rd-Country Nationals on a Visa, not eligible for Public Health Care:

  • We will register you at the Tax Office and Social Security
  • note that there are exceptions to the Public Health Care rule - ask us!

Step 6] Consultation after registration

Once all registastions have been done, you will have a second consultation. During it, we will explain how much and when to pay Social Charges and Public Health Contributions to which bank accounts, how to invoice clients (in CZ, in EU, outside EU), how to deal with Income Tax and VAT and how to prepare for the extension of your Business Visa (if applicable). Of course we answer any questions you may have.

After it, you will be be fully registered and fully prepared to work as self-employed / freelancer in Czech Republic.