Trade / Required documents for Trade License registration

There are different requirements for EU Citizens and 3rd-Country Nationals (non-EU Citizens)!

EU Citizen or 3rd Country National married to an EU Citizen:

  • NO extract of foreign police clearance required if you can prove that you been resident in CZ for more than 3 months *
  • EU Citizens are required to have a temporary Residence Permit for a stay over 30 days and/or for business purposes. Nowadays, the Ministry of Interior does not explicitly demand a Residence Permit of EU citizens anymore, which is funny since it goes against Schengen rules. The Residence Permit is necessary to get a social security number (rodne cislo), and is also good to convincing your home country you are no longer liable for taxes there. A Trade License can be registered before (or without) a Residence Permit.

Note I: Proof in the form of a rental contract or residence permit.

3rd-Country National / non-EU Citizen:

  • extract of foreign police clearance required, WITH apostille stamp or super legalized, NOT older than 3 months **,
  • you must apply for a Business Visa at an embassy outside of Czech Republic unless you already have a valid visa or residence permit (and the original purpose of stay remains valid). ***

Note II: US citizens can use an afidavit from the US embassy or a sworn statement instead of a criminal extract for the trade license registration, other nationalities can not.

Note III For changing the purpose of stay from employment / student to business you must have lived in CZ for at least 5 years. However, it is possible to have a trade license next to your job as employee / being student (and in that case you do not have to change your purpose of stay)!

4 Documents required for all nationalities:

  • Copy of passport + last visa or residence permit (if you have one)
  • a document with your (former) address abroad (phone bill, bank statement, ID card),
  • Proof of residence address in Czech Republic (rental contract, extract Katastr)
  • Optional: a copy of the agreement for your CZK bank account. This account does not have to be a business account. If you do not have a bank account yet: after you get the trade license, it is easy to open one. Ask us for details, some czech banks we really cannot recommend.