Trade / Why hire Us?

Actually, there are quite a few reasons:

Registration and communication with the trade license office, taxoffice, social office and health insurance, as well as preparing for the residence permit or business visa application or extension is work for a specialist.

We personally fill in in all forms and visit all authorities for your registrations - so no mailing in of anything. No half work.

A trade license owner (especially non-EU) needs to comply to many rules in Czech Republic and claiming 'that you didn't know' will not excuse you from the penalty, or worse, not being able to apply for / extend your trade license and visa.

For the average person, VAT regulations are complex - but we'll explain everything in great detail and even help you with invoice templates + check your first invoice.

Starting 2018, for Trade License revenue over 1M CZK, the traditional 14.5% for Tax / Social Charges / Health Insurance does not apply anymore - it could be double. Therefore, for higher incomes, definitely some financial / tax planning is required. Solutions include a Trade License next to an SRO / Foreign Entity.

We specialize in foreigners and have years of experience in Accounting, Taxes, Company Startups and Visa issues.

You will get notified automatically when it is time to file your VAT Returns and Income Taxes and during the year we send newsletters. All for free!