Trade / Set up as Self-employed / Freelancer in Czech Republic

There is no need to visit our office! It is even possible to register a Trade License *before you arrive to Czech Republic*. Consultations are done by ZOOM / Skype / Whatsapp, we send you the PoAs by email, you send us your Police Clearance + signed PoAs by mail / DHL, and we'll send back the Trade License and registrations at Tax / Social / Health as pdf / by mail / DHL.

Registering a Czech Trade License, Tax / Social / Health / VAT - all in 1 go!

Getting a trade license in Prague (or anywhere else in Czech Republic) is quick and easy when using our services, because we will guide you through the entire process from initial Trade License / Tax / Social Security / Health Insurance / VAT registrations to the point where you know how to function as self-employed person in Czech Republic..

We will thoroughly prepare you for being an entrepreneur in Czech Republic with 2 consultations and email support.

Consultation before we register your the trade license:

  • We'll look at your your visa / residence permit possibilities (obligations),
  • whether the trade license is the best option for you (or an sro instead?),
  • social / health insurance questions,
  • accounting / tax / VAT questions etc. etc.
Consultation after we register your trade license
  • we'll teach you how to create an invoice,
  • how to invoice clients Europe / abroad,
  • how to deal with payments from abroad, cash payments,
  • how to pay the monthly social- and health charges,
  • how to comply to the Czech visa (extension) requirements.

Do not start an SRO - become self-employed on a Trade License (Zivnostensky List)

In more than 90% of the cases, you are better of registering as self-employed compared to opening an sro: faster & easier to set up, lower setup- and closing costs, easier / cheaper visa extension, accounting less demanding (so cheaper), LESS TAXES and number of other benefits.

We can't emphasize it enough: get yourself properly informed before deciding between an sro and trade license - book a consultation with us. Not getting an sro will save you 10.000CZKs, not only in setup- but also on accounting- and salary costs. You will thank us later!

The Registration Process

We will register your Trade License but ALSO at the Tax Office, Social Office and Health Insurance.

Since as Expat Accountant (external link) our core business is Accounting, VAT and Taxes, we are very capable of solving complex issues with (foreign) income, invoicing clients abroad / in the EU, Tax optimization, VAT issues and alike.

On the next pages we explain what the Trade License registration steps are, which requirements, and a basic explanation of Czech Visas & Residence Permits, Income Tax and VAT, Social Charges and Health Insurance,.