Trade / Set up as Self-employed / Freelancer / Sole Proprietor

Registering a Czech Trade License, VAT, Visa / Residence Permit, Tax, Social, Health - all in 1 go!

Getting a trade license in Prague (or anywhere else in Czech Republic) is quick and easy when using our services, because we will guide you through the entire process from initial trade license registration, visa / residence permit, to the first invoice, how to pay monthly social / health contributions, opening a bank account etcetera. We will thoroughly prepare you for being an entrepreneur in Czech Republic with consultations (Visit, Email, Skype / Phone) and email support.

Remote Formation before Arrival, before Visa Application

It is even possible to register a Trade License *before you arrive to Czech Republic*. We send you the PoAs by email, you send us your Police Clearance + signed PoAs, and we'll send back the Trade License (and any other documents you might need for your business visa application, such as Proof of Health Insurance)

Do not start an SRO - become self-employed on a Trade License (Zivnostensky List)

In more than 90% of the cases, you are better of registering as self-employed compared to opening an sro: faster & easier to set up, lower setup- and closing costs, easier / cheaper visa extension, accounting less demanding (so cheaper), LESS TAXES and number of other benefits.

We can't emphasize it enough: get yourself properly informed before deciding between an sro and trade license - book a consultation with us. Not getting an sro will save you 10.000CZKs, not only in setup- but also on accounting- and salary costs. You will thank us later!

No time for reading all details? Go right to the Trade License Order / Cost Calculation Form

The Registration Process

We register your Trade License but ALSO at the Tax Office, Social Office and sort out Health Insurance. Note that for some non-EU citizens is is possible (or in some cases even obligatory) to enroll into Public Health Care.

In case you do not have a (Business) Visa or Residence Permit yet, we have several options, ranging from documents-only to full-service.

Since as Expat Accountant our core business is Accounting, VAT and Taxes, we are very capable of solving complex issues with (foreign) income, invoicing clients abroad / in the EU, Tax optimization, VAT issues and alike.

We have several Trade License Registration Packages, to suit the different needs of different clients. Included in the price are always 2 consultations:

Consultation before we register your the trade license:

  • We'll look at your your visa / residence permit possibilities (obligations),
  • whether the trade license is the best option for you (or an sro instead?),
  • social / health insurance questions,
  • accounting / tax / VAT questions etc. etc.
Consultation after we register your trade license
  • we'll teach you how to create an invoice,
  • how to invoice clients Europe / abroad,
  • how to deal with payments from abroad, cash payments,
  • how to pay the monthly social- and health charges,
  • how to comply to the czech visa (extension) requirements.

Questions? Are you hesitating whether this is the right choice for you? Book a single Consultation first!

On the next pages we explain what the Trade License requirements are, and give you an introduction of the registration process, including important facts about Czech Visas & Residence Permits, Social Charges, Health Insurance, Income Tax and VAT.


A group of companies, appearing and disappearing like mushrooms in the forest, have the habit of scanning the (public) trade license register / commercial court register and targeting new registrations of foreigners.

As they can see your trade license / SRO address they will send there a letter that really looks like official correspondence from a government body but definitely IS NOT. They make use of the fact that foreigners do not understand Czech. On the document is a long legal text, and they gamble on the fact that people don't know what it is / get scared and pay. It is in fact an invoice for a listing in a business directory. The text is written in such a way that from a legal perspective they do nothing wrong.

The evilness comes in several forms: 1) they exploit people by deceiving them 2) the listing is in a completely insignificant directory 3) if you pay once, you have actually agreed to pay ANNUALLY. The original amount is usually between 1.200 and 3.500 CZK. The next year it can be as high as 31.000 CZK (and then they will threaten to sue you for not paying that crazy amount)

If, at any point in time you receive a suspicious letter, under no circumstances pay. This is not an additional charge of the trade license register / commercial court. It is a con job. Even to Czech speakers it may seem an official document. You need to read really, really carefully to discover what it actually is.

We are very allergic to these kind of practices - it damages our and our colleagues' businesses, because people think WE are playing foul play because after they pay us for our services, they think that they are getting an extra charge we did not inform them about.

Therefore, we offer to look at any suspicious document FOR FREE.
Just send us a scan of the document + the envelope, and we will tell you exactly what they have sent you.

Even if we can help just a handful of people it is worth it, so don't hesitate to contact us.