Public Health Care for a Czech Trade License:

Although the social charges are easily explained (everybody needs to pay, no difference in nationality), unfortunately the public health care / commercial health insurance choice is more difficult to understand because it depends on nationality, visa status, employment status, bi-lateral agreements and who provides family income.

We will explain this in more detail during the first consultation, because there are many variations and non-logical regulations. Roughly speaking there are 2 main types: Public Health Care, which is paid monthly (information on this page), and Commercial Health Insurance which is completely paid in advance (information on the next page)

1 - Monthly Public Health Care for EU Citizens, US Citizens on a Trade License, non-EU with Permanent Residence Permit or employment:

The height of the contributions depends on your revenue (it is about 2.7% of revenue up to 2 M CZK), with a monthly minimum.
  • Every year the minimum health charges go up by about 100 CZK. For 2020 they will be just a bit under 2500 CZK / month
Everybody will start in the first year of his trade license with the minimum health contribution, independent of the (expected) revenue.

If you also have a job as employee / receive salary as director of an sro and using the trade license as secondary income, then the monthly health contribution is 0 CZK / month for the first year.


2 - Public Health Care for Citizens from Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey, Israel and Japan:

Because of the bi-lateral agreement between Czech Republic and Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey, Israel and Japan those citizens pay monthly health contributions just like EU Citizens, instead of the expected 'emergency' or 'complex care' health insurance 3rd-Country Nationals pay normally.

Mixed EU & non-EU couples + children and Public Health Care

An non-EU spouse or registered partner will enjoy all rights of an EU-citizen - except for one thing: Public Health Care. Even with a Temporary Residence Permit, the non-EU person does not automatically have rights to enroll into Public Health Care.

Having said this, under certain conditions non-EU spouses and children can be put under the Public Health Care of the EU-spouse. Since the regulations are quite complex, we recommend talking to our consultant about the specifics.

Health Insurance & Pregnancy

EU Citizens on a trade license that plan to or are pregnant do not need to take any special measures. The Public Health Care covers the costs for checks, birth and newborn. However, for non-EU that are on commercial Complex Care Health Insurance it is a different story; nothing is covered and a speical -very expensive- Pregnacny Insurance needs to be concluded.

NOTE: In order to get maternity benefits, Premiums must be paid on top of the Social Security contributions !!!

Calculating annual Public Health Care Contributions

Just like the social charges, when the Income Tax Return is being prepared, we will also calculate if the minimum health contributions were enough or that you must pay extra for the previous year (this is always much less than the social charges, but still can be 10.000s of CZK). Also, based on the income of the previous year, we will calculate the new monthly health contributions for the next year.

If you are not eligible for Public Health Care, continue to: Commercial Health Insurance