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Unqualified Trades according to Annex 4

'Free' Trade Licenses for which no qualification or diploma is required

'Free' Trade Licenses fall into the "Výroba, obchod a služby neuvedené; v prílohách 1 až 3 živnostenského zákona" category (so in short, in Annex 4 and not in Annexes 1-3 of the Trade License legislation).

Trade Licenses listed in annex 1- 3 are not of the 'free' type and require diplomas and/or qualifications. Examples are financial / banking services, medicine- and medical related, massage, hair, nail- and skincare services, fresh food and drink production and selling, bar- and restaurant activities.

90% of our foreign clients have activities than use the 'free' type of tradelicenses. For programming, consultancy, translation, trading, teaching no diploma is required (but if you would try to get a work permit, for the same job as employee, doing the same activities, the ministry all of a sudden demands a diploma or certification - another good reason not to become employee besides earning less.

Unqualified trades by field of activity - Annex no. 4 of the Government Decree no. 278/2008 Coll.

  • 1. Provision of services for agriculture, horticulture, pond farming, forestry and hunting
  • 2. Activities of a professional forest manager and preparation of forest management plans and curricula
  • 3. Diagnostic, testing and consulting in plant protection and treatment of plants, plant products, objects and soil against harmful organisms plant protection products or biocidal products
  • 4. Management of forest tree reproductive material
  • 5. Animal husbandry and training (excluding livestock production)
  • 6. Mineral processing, peat and mud mining
  • 7. Production of food and starch products
  • 8. Growing burning
  • 9. Production of feeds, feed mixtures, additives and premixes
  • 10. Manufacture of textiles, textile products, clothing and clothing accessories
  • 11. Manufacture and repair of footwear, luggage and saddlery
  • 12. Wood processing, production of wooden, cork, wicker and straw products
  • 13. Manufacture of pulp, paper and paperboard and goods made from these materials
  • 14. Publishing activities, printing production, bookbinding and copying work
  • 15. Production, reproduction, distribution, sale, rental of audio and audio-visual recordings and production of unrecorded data and record carriers
  • 16. Production of coke, raw tar and other solid fuels
  • 17. Manufacture of chemicals and chemical mixtures or articles and cosmetics
  • 18. Production of fertilizers
  • 19. Manufacture of plastic and rubber products
  • 20. Production and processing of glass
  • 21. Manufacture of building materials, porcelain, ceramic and plaster products
  • 22. Manufacture of abrasives and other mineral non-metallic products
  • 23. Grinding of technical and jewelry stone
  • 24. Production and metallurgical processing of iron, precious and non-ferrous metals and their alloys
  • 25. Manufacture of metal structures and metal products
  • 26. Arts and crafts processing of metals
  • 27. Surface treatment and welding of metals and other materials
  • 28. Manufacture of instruments and appliances for measuring, testing, navigation, optical and photographic equipment
  • 29. Manufacture of electronic components, electrical equipment and manufacture and repair of electrical machinery, low voltage apparatus and electronic equipment
  • 30. Manufacture of non-electric domestic appliances
  • 31. Manufacture of machinery and equipment
  • 32. Manufacture of motor vehicles and trailers and bodies
  • 33. Shipbuilding and construction
  • 34. Production, development, design, testing, installation, maintenance, repair, modification and design changes of aircraft, aircraft engines, propellers, aircraft parts and appliances and aeronautical ground equipment
  • 35. Production of railway traction vehicles and railway vehicles on tram, trolleybus and cable railways and railway park
  • 36. Manufacture of bicycles, wheelchairs and other non-motorized vehicles
  • 37. Manufacture and repair of upholstery products
  • 38. Manufacture, repair and maintenance of sporting goods, games, toys and prams
  • 39. Manufacture of medical devices
  • 40. Manufacture and repair of ionizing radiation sources
  • 41. Manufacture of school and office supplies, except paper products, manufacture of jewelery, brush
  • and ready-made goods, umbrellas, souvenirs
  • 42. Manufacture of other products of the manufacturing industry
  • 43. Operation of water supply and sewerage and water treatment and distribution
  • 44. Waste management (except hazardous)
  • 45. Preparatory and finishing construction work, specialized construction activities
  • 46. Glazing work, framing and mounting
  • 47. Mediation of trade and services
  • 48. Wholesale and retail trade
  • 49. Pawnshop and retail sale of second-hand goods
  • 50. Maintenance of motor vehicles and their accessories
  • 51. Pipeline and land transport (excluding rail and road motor transport)
  • 52. Storage, packaging of goods, cargo handling and technical activities in transport
  • 53. Freight forwarding and customs representation
  • 55. Accommodation services
  • 56. Provision of software, consultancy in the field of information technology, data processing, hosting and related activities and web portals
  • 57. Activities of information and intelligence agencies
  • 58. Purchase, sale, administration and maintenance of real estate
  • 59. Renting and leasing of personal and household goods
  • 60. Advisory and consulting activities, preparation of expert studies and assessments
  • 61. Landscaping design
  • 62. Preparation and elaboration of technical designs, graphic and drawing work
  • 63. Design of electrical equipment
  • 64. Research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering or on social sciences
  • 65. Testing, measurement, analysis and control
  • 66. Advertising, marketing, media representation
  • 67. Designing, designing, arranging and modeling
  • 68. Photographic services
  • 69. Translation and interpreting services
  • 70. Administrative and organizational services
  • 71. Operation of a travel agency and guide activity in the field of tourism
  • 72. Extracurricular education and training, organization of courses, training, including teaching activities
  • 73. Operation of cultural, cultural-educational and entertainment facilities, organization of cultural productions, entertainment, exhibitions, fairs, shows, sales and similar events
  • 74. Operation of physical education and sports facilities and organization of sports activities
  • 75. Laundry, ironing, repair and maintenance of clothing, household linen and personal goods
  • 76. Provision of technical services
  • 77. Repair and maintenance of household goods, cultural objects, fine mechanics products, optical instruments and meters
  • 78. Provision of personal and personal hygiene services
  • 79. Provision of services for the family and household
  • 80. Provision of services for legal entities and trust funds
  • 81. Provision of services related to virtual assets
  • 82. Production, trade and services not elsewhere classified
Texts in Czech : Annex 4, with detailed explanation of each Trade License (CZ text) , The entire Trade Liocense Legislation (CZ text)

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