3 Accounting methods for a Trade License

The Real Expense method, the 60/40 method and Paušální Daň.

Up to 2020, the Trade License income could be filed in 2 ways: either using the Real Expenses method, or by using the so-called 60/40 method.

The Real Expenses method

is simply put your real Revenue minus your real Expenses. What is left is the Tax Base that you will pay Income Tax, Social Charges and Public Health Contributions on. Most modern professions (programmers, IT services, consultants) actually have little to no expenses, reason why the 60/40 method is a much better choice.

Downsides of the Real Expense method:
  • You need to track or do bookkeeping for expenses,
  • Monthly or quarterly accounting almost unavoidable (instead of bringing a banana box of receipts at the end of the year),
  • Best suitable for professions with a small profit margin.

The 60/40 method

is almost always used for business with little expenses. You can claim 60% 'virtual expenses' on the first 2 M CZK of your Revenue up (even if the the real percentage of expenses is much lower). So, the remaining 40% of your invoiced amount is your Tax Base. On this tax base only 15% income tax is calculated, and if applicable, tax deductions can be applied.

Note: There are professions with other standard expense deductions: 80% (Farmers, Bricklayers, Carpenters etc) or only 30% or 40% (Free professions, but not Trade Licenses) - hardly ever our clients fall in those categories.

A common misconception is that the 60/40 method can not be used for Revenue over 2M CZK. Not true. It can be used. If you have a Revenue of 3.5 M CZK, on the first 2 M CZK you can apply the 60/40 method (and the remaining 1.5 M CZK gets added straight to your tax base).

Benefits of the 60/40 method:
  • No need to track or do bookkeeping for expenses,
  • No need for monthly or quarterly accounting (unless you are VAT registered),
  • Suitable for income generated online / without invoicing / without seeing the actual customer,
  • We basically see you once a year for the Income Tax Return.

The Paušální Daň method

for Revenue up to 2 M CZK (before 2023 it was 1M CZK). The idea was to pay one fixed sum per month instead of separately to Tax / Social / Health and no annual Income Tax Return or overviews for Social- and Health need to be filed.

Because in 2023 the Full VAT limit increases from 1 M to 2 M CZK, as a result also the Paušální Daň limit changed. There are now 3 fixed sums, about this later.

You can not make use of the Paušální Daň method if:
  • you did not announce before 10.01.2023 you want to be in it,
  • your Revenue in 2023 is more than 2 M CZK / year (before 2023 it was 1 M CZK),
  • you are registered for Full VAT,
  • you can not be in insolvenčním řízení (clearing debts)
  • you are employee,
  • you have a dohoda o pracovní činnosti earning over 4.000 CZK / month,
  • you have a dohoda o provedení práce earning over 10.000 CZK / month,
  • you are in the board or shareholder in an sro or komanditní společnost,
  • your business is EET registered (EET has been cancelled for now),
  • you have other sources of income (rent, capital, investments ) over 15.000 CZK / year ,
  • and most of all: if you are not in the Public Health Care.
If during the year you do not comply to one of the conditions above, you will drop out of / be forced out of the Paušální daň system *during the year* and you will find yourself fixing the social / health contributions. Nice.

But that is not all.... Starting from 2023, the limit has been raised to 2 M CZK. So no longer it is one fixed sum of 6208 CZK / month, which is logical - because it would be unfair if someone who earns 2M CZK would pay the same as someone who makes 250.000 CZK.

There are now 3 THREE fixed monthly sums, meant for 3 different 'bands' (pasma). In these 'bands' various independent professions can fit (Trade Licenses with 80/20, 60/40, other free professions with 30 or 40% standard expense deduction) and for each professions the maximum allowed revenues are different.

  • Band 1: Revenue 0 - 1M, but 1.5M for 60/40 TLs, and 2M for 80/20 TLs
  • Band 2: Revenue 1M - 1.5M, but 2M for 60/40 TLs, not for 80/20 TLs
  • Band 3: Revenue 1.5 - 2M, not for any TL
To simplify it, the table below is for Trade Licenses that normally would use the 60/40 method
Band TL 60/40 Revenue Sum/month Total Percentage
1 0 - 1.5M 6.208 74.496 29.8%* - 5%
2 1.5 - 2M 16.000 192.000 12.8% - 9.6%
3 1.5 - 2M, not applicable 26.000 312.000 20.8% - 15.6%
Note: 29.8% with Revenue 250.000 CZK

If you have a Trade License in 2022, and want to use this system in 2023, you only have time to announce this at the Tax Office, latest 10.01.2023! If you start a Trade License after 10.01.2023, you can still be in this system but you have to announce it right at the registration of the Trade License. A form can be found here: oznámení o vstupu do paušálního režimu od zdaňovacího období and via MojeDane: Oznámení o vstupu do paušálního režimu

Downsides of the Paušální Daň method:

  • If you earn (a little) more than the limit 1.5M CZK during the year you have the obligation to move to band 2 - you must announce this before it happens! And you will be forced to stay in the higher band for at least 1 year (so the 2 years combined may not be better than 60/40 Method !!
  • If your Revenue is less than cca 600.000 CZK - the Paušální daň method will actually cost you more money than the 60/40 method !!!
  • for foreign tax offices, banks / mortages / loans / car leases it is really necessary to be able to show a Tax Return, which you won't have with this method.
  • You can not use any tax deductions (for yourself, spouse, childeren) or indirect tax reductions (mortgage interests, life insurance, donations) at all
So it is a good idea to use the Paušální Daň method or is it better to stick to the 60/4 method?
There is no simple answer to this, because it depends on many factors:

  • On how many tax benefits / tax reductions are you going to miss out?
  • What will your Revenue be? Is there a risk that you have to move from band 1 to band 2? (not beneficial at all, if just a littlebit over 1.5M CZK!)
  • Will you encounter factors that make staying in the Paušální Daň method impossible?
What can we do for you to answer this question?
Put all possiblities in the Excel model we have developed for many years and look at the actual numbers based on your specific situation. It is just not possible to figure it out with just a few guesses. A consultation will cost 3000 CZK, choosing the wrong system may cost you 10.000s of CZK.

For more information on Accounting methods Book a Consultation by ZOOM / Skype / Whatsapp / Phone or email.

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