Commercial Health Insurance for a Czech Trade License:

Generally speaking, 3rd Country Nationals that do not have a (permanent) residence permit or are not employed in Czech Republic cannot enroll into the Public Health Care. Note that there are very many exceptions and therefore we always look at your options during the first consultation - because Public Health Care has certain benefits, and in some cases we can even get children / spouses in the Public Health Care without additional payments.

Commercial Health Insurance for non-EU on a Business Visa:

Most, but certainly not all, people with a long-term D-Visa for Business do not pay monthly Public Health Care contributions, but instead they pay commercial health insurance, which price depends on gender and age - but not on income.

For the first long-term D-Visa, theoretically it is enough to have the bare-bone minimum basic emergency insurance, but many embassies nowadays require the Complex Care health insurance for a Business Visa. For extending the Business Visa the Complex Care health insurance is anyway obligatory, so we advise to get a proper Complex Care health insurance from the start.

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Mixed EU & non-EU couples + children and Public Health Care

An non-EU spouse or registered partner will enjoy all rights of an EU-citizen - except for one thing: Public Health Care. Even with a Temporary Residence Permit, the non-EU person does not automatically have rights to enroll into Public Health Care.

Having said this, under certain conditions non-EU spouses and children can be put under the Public Health Care of the EU-spouse. Since the regulations are quite complex, we recommend talking to our consultant about the specifics.

Health Insurance & Pregnancy

EU Citizens on a trade license that plan to or are pregnant do not need to take any special measures. The Public Health Care covers the costs for checks, birth and newborn. However, for non-EU that are on commercial Complex Care Health Insurance it is a different story; nothing is covered and a special -very expensive- Pregnacny Insurance needs to be concluded.

If you are eligible for Public Health Care, continue to: Public Health Care