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Required documents for Trade License registration

There are different requirements for EU Citizens, 3rd-Country Nationals and Czech citizens!

EU Citizen WITHOUT (temporary) residence permit and shorter than 3 months in CZ:

  • Police Clearance from home country 1 - REQUIRED original paper document, not older than 3 months, with apostille stamp.
  • OR: Police Clearance through Czechpoint - REQUIRED original paper document, does not work for all nationalities, processing can take 25 days.

EU Citizen WITH (temporary) residence permit OR proof of stay longer than 3 months in CZ:

  • Police Clearance - NOT REQUIRED

UK citizen with or without EU spouse, with or without Temporary Residence Permit:

  • Police Clearance 1 - REQUIRED original paper document , not older than 3 months, with apostille stamp. Only exception: UK holders of a Permanent Residence Permit.

3rd-Country National / non-EU Citizen, US Citizens, Spouse / Registered Partner :

  • Police Clearance from home country 1 - REQUIRED original paper document , not older than 3 months, with apostille stamp or superlegalized.
  • US citizens 2 can use an afidavit from the US embassy instead of a criminal extract
  • Spouses / Registered Partners of an EU Citizen3 follow the police clearance rules of EU Citizens

Note 1: Police Clearance. The 3 months starts counting from the day the Police Clearance was issued, *NOT* the date of apostille / superlegalization / translation. Also do not bring a document that will expire in a few days - do not gamble on it still being valid during the registration process.
Officially, you should bring a police clearance for each country where you spent more than 6 months in the past 3 years. There are ways to avoid this requirement.
We do not recommend having a translation made abroad - the translation needs to be made by a translator registered at the Czech Court, else the Trade License Register may refuse the translation. It is most likely also cheaper to have the translation done in Czech Republic instead of abroad.

Note 2: US citizens can use an afidavit from the US embassy instead of a criminal extract for the Trade License registration, other nationalities can not.

Note 3: Spouses & Partners long as they already have a residence permit based on this relationship

4 Documents required for all nationalities:

  • Passport - copy or scan + last CZ visa or residence permit (if you have one)
  • (Former) address abroad (even if you do not live there anymore, ideally from your home country),
  • Permission of the landlord Udeleni Souhlasu.pdf - REQUIRED original paper document for registering the Trade License on that address (unless you order a virtual office from us)
  • Proof of residence address in Czech Republic - REQUIRED paper original: rental contract in Czech (not only in English) or extract of Katastr if you are owner. We need to show an original at the authorities, but we can make a notarized copy, and return the original to you.

Czech Documents that speed up the registration process:

  • DIČ (CZ Tax ID) or rodné číslo (CZ birth number)
  • CZ Public Health Care number (it is on the plastic card or paper confirmation)
  • CZ Social Security number (it is on the paper confirmation)
  • Agreement your CZK bank account - in case you register for VAT. This account does not have to be a business account. If you do not have a bank account yet: after you get the Trade License, it is easy to open one. It is possible to receive payments on foreign accounts in foreign currencies. Ask us for details.

Especially For Czech Citizens and People with Trvaly Pobyt:

  • NO police clearance (Výpis z Rejstříku trestů) required
  • Copy of Občanka / Trvalý pobyt, with Rodné číslo
  • If you want to register your Trade License on the address of your Občanka (your trvalé bydliště), you do not need permission of the landlord. For all other cases: have the landlord sign a permission - here is the template: Udeleni Souhlasu.pdf
  • no former address abroad required
  • VERY IMPORTANT: the registration procedure for Czech Nationals / Trvaly Pobyt is entirely different than for foreigners. Contact us for details, and a reduced registration fee. 4
Note 4: Conditions - must have Občanka - Trvalý pobyt and Rodné číslo

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