Trade / Accounting and Tax Services for a Trade License Expat Accountant is one of the websites operated by Expat Accountant. specializes in Accounting and Taxes for Foreigners in CZ, and as such we process 100s of Income Tax Returns and VAT Returns for self-employed and SMEs.

Most Self-employed / Freelancers are not VAT-registered, and just need an annual Income Tax Return + overviews for the social / health office. For those clients it is not necessary to do accounting during the year - so we see them just once a year. We will inform you automatically well ahead in time that the tax seasons is approaching by a newsletter.

More information about the Income Tax Return: TL Income Tax Return (external link)

More information about our accounting services: Accounting Services (external link)

We extensively make use of Dropbox / Google Drive, so you do not need to visit our offices for bringing papers for accounting / VAT / Income Tax. We can handle everything remotely.

In case you need help / advice on your business or living in Czech Republic, you can always book an appointment with one of our consultants. You can do this in our online booking system and select a day and time convenient for you.

More information about business consultancy: Book a Consultation