Trade / Business Address / Virtual Office services

The trade license needs to be registered at an address in Czech Republic.
This can be your residence address, an office address OR you can use a virtual office.

a virtual office has benefits over using the residence address:
  • You can register your Trade License before you have found a place to live
  • In case the landlord of your residence address does not want you to give you permission to register a Trade License
  • In case the building is owned by a drustvo (multiple owners) it is difficult to get all signatures
  • The virtual office can be used as correspondence address, so if you move, your mail does not get lost
  • With a virtual office, we take care of the contract with the provider and the legal permission for the business address
  • With a virtual office, we collect mail, forward scans and translate / inform you about letters from the Czech authorities

Follow this link for details on our virtual office offers: - Prague Virtual Office

If you do want to use your (own) residence address or any other address for registration of your Trade License, you will need to get the permission of the landlord(s) yourself. We provide a free template in Czech & English : Udeleni Souhlasu.pdf. So if you are on good terms with him / her, you can save yourself some money. You just need the landlord's signature on the document.

Residence Address

A virtual office can not be used for residence purposes. It can ONLY be used to register a business. In case you apply for a (business) visa or residence permit, you will need (also / in addition) a REAL residence address, which will be your address where you will be living in Czech Republic.

Popular websites for finding a residence address:
  • S Reality (probably the biggest offer in CZ)
  • (without realestate agent - direct contact with the owner)
We DO NOT offer real estate services. We are accountants, not real estate agents. BUT we can help you.

Contact us if you have questions / a suspicious feeling about the landlord / contract BEFORE signing anything. We can contact the landlord and for us it is easy to see if the rental contract seems to be a normal one. For your visa / residence permit the landlord should provide a rental contract and sign a form for the embassy / foreign police (this is different than the permission for the trade license, also this template we provide for free). We charge 1000 CZK / hour, which is a small fee compared to the amount of trouble you may avoid by having it checked.

If it is too good to be true - it usually is. There is a shortage on the housing market. Housing is not cheap, and especially in Prague prices are comparable to other European major cities. 15.000 - 25.000 CZK per month for a small apartment (including utilities) is a 'fair' price nowadays.

A specific word of warning for people / companies offering fake residence address permissions: for a few 1000 CZK they will send you the residence address permission, maybe you get a rental contract, but in reality you can not live there. OR: they give the same permission to 50 people, which of course is detected by the foreign police, and most likely results in visa rejection.