Just Drop Off / Pick Up / Signing Documents?

Tell our Expat Assistant when you are coming! Due to COVID restrictions is is not possible to drop by the office unannounced, because all of our team work from home and only sporadically somebody will be in the office. The preferred way is to send them by mail. See the COVID Notice below.

Our Expat Assistant is not able to answer (complex) business / visa / accounting questions - for that you'll have to book a real consultation here: Business Consultation for Foreigners


Due to the government resolutions 78 and 79, issued on 28/01/2021 to reduce interpersonal contact and (partly) close certain types of businesses and government offices hereby we would like to announce the following:

We are functioning, but with the following restrictions:

  • Accounting and Consulting services are not forbidden, but colleagues will work from home as much as possible and may respond slower,
  • Visits for the time being, only after prior agreement by email, since mostly nobody will be in the office.
  • Documents: send them by mail. Do not leave documents in the letterbox in the public hallway of our office, as we can not guarantee they will be secure. When it is absolutely necessary to do a handover in person, it must be agreed prior by email.
  • Consultations are by ZOOM / Skype / Whatsapp / Phone / Email, so they can be booked as usual.
  • Government offices will be open only twice a week for 5 hours - it is to be expected that registrations and obtaining documents will take longer than usual,