Income Tax, Social Charges and Health Insurance for a Czech Trade License

All of the below information comes from a simulation model which will be used during a business consultation for your specific situation. It can calculate one Trade License using pausalni dan, real expenses or 60/40 rule, *TWO* Trade Licenses for partners, a Trade License versus an SRO, a Trade License next to an SRO, Trade License vs SRO vs Offshore Business, And that with various Revenues / Expenses in CZK / EUR / USD for all expats in Czech Republic, for all residence permit / visa types.

If you book a consultation, you will get your own set of pdfs based on your busines costs / revenue + a lot more information about doing business in CZ / visa & residence permits, banks, foreign income, VAT, bi-lateral tax agreements etc etc.

In the Graph below you will see Tax / Social / Health contributions for a Trade License using 60/40 for revenue between 0 and 7 M CZK annually:
Tradse License 60/40 0-7M CZK

Here is an example of a Trade License using the 60/40 rule, with 1 M CZK Revenue:

Trade License 60.40 1M CZK

Here is an example of a Trade License using real expenses, with 900K expenses and 1.5 M CZK Revenue:

Trade License Real Expenses 1.5MCZK